2012 wr450 vs 2009 yz450?

I have a question for those who have possibly owned both. I am waiting for my 2012 wr450f to arrive. Recently i have been riding my buddies 09 yz450. His bike is awesome with tons of power. Will the 2012 wr450 feel like that fully uncorked with full exhaust and with the correct map?? His bike will wheelie on command in first three gears. 1st and 2nd will wheelie on pure power. I am hoping i will not be dissapointed after riding his.


Ps i also asked this in the wr forum but it takes a while to get answers. Sorry for double post.

Had both bikes. As well as 2008 wr450. All wr's (once properly uncorked) run pretty close to yz's but have smoother torq and power curves as well as response due to different timing and flywheel weight. You can always tune WR engine close to YZ spec by throwing in some HotCams. WR is also a heavier bike so that affects acceleration and power wheelies. For the moment I have a smooth mapped 2011 yz450, and even with heavier offroad flywheel it is a bitch when you ride it slow as the trottle is extremely jerky. I feel this lack of smothenes every time when I go technical on yz, but the only time I feel lack of WR power is going up long steep sand hills. By the way you don't need full exhaust for 2012 WR as stock header is already smth like fmf powerbomb so you just need a slip-on and mapping.

Thks brother the assbag salesman told me it needed full exhaust and ordered it for me. It is already paid for so i am screwed on that.

Thks again for the response

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