Noob needs help

I just picked up a 2000 426, runs great, guy said it was recently rebuilt, of course no receipts, and new clutch. Anything else I should check? Has fresh oil, was thinking of changing the plug. Also, can anyone explain the hot start to me? I appreciate your help, thanks!

Go to U Tube they show how to start the 42.

I put the Hot cam in my 426 it worth the money also if you do put a new cam chain as long have it torn apart.

The person who I purchased my 426 from I got a killer deal from he told me others just didnt know how to start the bike but I had other 4 strokes so I knew how they are easy to start if you know how to.

But the Hot cam makes it so much easier.

YouTube has nothing on ThumperTalk:

As for the hot start, it's a simple device that opens an air path in the carb to let additional air into the intake without opening the throttle. It's used to lean out the idle mix when you've just stalled the bike or shut it down and want to restart it immediately or nearly so. If the bike cools for 5-10 or so, it becomes less necessary.

The most important thing is to avoid the typical two-stroker habit of twisting the throttle as you kick. Twisting the throttle is good to prime the engine when it's COLD, but never when warmed up.

Ok, thanks. I learned how to start it properly and it is easy now... But at first it was discouraging, especially coming from a 400ex haha

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