CR250 Showa Fork Problems. Any advice appreciated!

Good day everyone, i would very much appreciate it if someone could shed some light on a problem i have been dealing with for sometime now on my 02 CR250.

After a trip to a local MX track about a year ago i noticed the next time i rode the bike whenever i would accelerate sharply or lift the front wheel in any way, the forks would

slam back down with a terrible knock( as if there was nothing slowing it down and the springs just forced it to bottom out so to speak). i am very inexperienced with suspension but straight away knew there was a problem. my immediate reaction was to play with rebound settings and to have a look inside, in which i saw no oil in the top chamber of the fork, but not knowing anything about them i still didnt have much of a clue.....

Anyway, not riding the bike much i left it to sit for a while and then finally took it to the local bike mechanic and told them the problem. I returned a few days later and the mechanic said there was no oil in the top chamber... so they had refilled it and the replaced the seals. After a few rides the problem has returned and im wondering what would cause this oil in the top chamber to escape like this? i would like to aviod having to take it anywhere again..... any help is welcome!!

I had a fork in some time ago which also hasnt got any oil in the cartridge.

Very strange.

However, the cartseals are most likely blown causing your problem. The oil cant disappear, its in the outa chamber...

Take your forks to a competent susp guy this time.

Yeah i think i will take it to a different guy.....

Yeah i think i will take it to a different guy.....

My buddies bike did the exact same thing. I opened up the forks and added oil to the inner chamber because it was almost empty. While bleeding the chamber oil started to run down the damper tube. Turns out the bottom seal in the inner chamber was leaking. He took the fork to one shop and they told him that there was no seal down in the lower portion of the inner chamber. :naughty: That guy had no idea what he was talking about. :banghead: I sent him to a competent suspension guy and problem solved.

I bet your first mechanic replaced the upper seal. If I were you I would try to get my money back for the labor from the first guy.

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