GYT-R Decomp Lever

I got my thumb activated lever set-up today and was a little shocked at it. I assumed for the 70 dollar price tag would come with everything needed for the kit. But it requires that you use the pivot screw for the original lever.

Maybe I am a little cranky today but I would figure that you would get that included in the kit for that price.

But I do like the feel of it on the bike.

I agree, that is a little insulting considering you (and me) paid seventy bucks for a few dollars of aluminum and maybe ten bucks of machine work. You also have to put a “stop” at the other end of the cable on the head. They do give you that.

But now that we are talking about a sunk cost :) I think you will like it. I like mine and have made a zillion posts to that effect, especially with regards to bump starting. As in it makes it much, much easier, especially if things are tight. I have routinely gotten my bike to relight in unlikely situations, like first gear, in sand, after brake-stalling it. I’ve had one for about 18 months, my automatic reaction when I stall it, which I don’t do as often as I used to (progress), is to flick my thumb over the lever. Hence the first gear restart, which I’ve done on more than one occasion, and which would be much tougher if not impossible with the stock lever, IMO.

But seventy bucks is a lot of jack for such a simple part.

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