426 exhaust fitment? & GT Thunder

Hey guys. Curious about what will fit exhaust wise on this 02 YZ 426. I hear some people saying up to 05 450 fits and others only 426.

Also GT Thunder. Does anyone know what they offer for the 426? This bike has a new jug with GT Thunder sticker and a spacer between the cases and jugs. IM also told it has a brand new crank. Enough of a spacer that the stock timing chain will not fit, even with no tensioner and the cams not bolted in. I am out of the country and cannot call GT that's the only reason I ask. I believe it has a new Weisco piston, I'll try to get a camera down the plug hole to get the numbers off it.

If it is a big bore or Stroker of some kind id imagine I'm going to have to richer it up abit, specially if I go with a full exh system.

Thanks for the time and space guys.

Sell me the engine, a spacer between the jug and cases usually means its a stroker. Measure the thickness of the spacer and multiply by 2 and that roughly how much more stroke. I wouldn't be surprised if its a big bore also.

Apparently GT Thunder does not use spacers with anything he does on the 426. Now it gets interesting. If I wasn't 8000km away from the bike right now that might be ok. I think Falicon also makes Stroker cranks for these, any idea who else does? I just want to figure out what this thing has. Looks like I might be tearing it apart to see. Motor hasn't been run yet because PO couldn't figure timing chain had to lengthened.

Falicon, Crankworks, Powell (spelling?), those are the only ones I know about that still do them. It is also possible to make a 426 into a 450 using a 450 crank and a cylinder spacer and a 450 piston but that is a lot less likely to be done. Did you buy the bike in pieces? Your best bet would be to tear it down and see what has been done.

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Bought it put together minus timing chain. I think I'll be taking it apart to see what's actually inside. Would be nice to know, especially for jetting, etc.

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