Rock from roost stuck in face

On sunday while racing the Oasis Hare Scramble, I got hit with some roost in the face. Right away it felt like my nose was broken. I couldnt breathe out of my nose anymore and my eyes were watering. At first I thought about dropping out of the race because of the pain but I decided to stay in it and just take it easy. Well after a few minutes my face just felt numb and I was able to concentrate more on riding. Well I finished the race and rode back to my truck. I looked in the mirror to see how bad my nose was, and this is what I saw. lol.

I couldnt believe the rock was still there. I had no idea! How I raced for over an hour without that rock falling out is beyond me. I ended up getting 3rd place and a story I'll never forget.





the roost occured 18:50

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Edited by infamy


Holy shit!!!!

HOLY SCHNAUZER! I have never seen or heard of anything like that happening...not the roost but the fact that the rock stayed wedged in there the whole time. Mad props to you!!!

That's crazy! You're one bad dude for finishing the race! How many stitches did you get? It seems like you'd be able to see a rock sticking out of your nose, guess not!

Rock on! :lol:

WOW!!!!!!!! Your one tough dude!

I have no problem admitting you are a much tougher dude than I am. How did you breathe??? Obviously not through your nose but I'd figure the blood coming from your nose filling up your mouth would be to much.

Oh, and appreciate the pics!!! No one would have believed you otherwise. Hope you heal up quick.

IMO you've earned the toughest man of the year award

DAMN DUDE... your a badass... i would have pulled off and pulled the rock out at least and then went on if I could even handle that... but I don't know if I could do that even

You had goggles on and that still happened?

lololololol :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Dude, I just watched your race. Props to you my friend. I loved the way you picked those guys off one by one and had the ballz to continue on after the rock rocked you. Really impressed how you kept your motor in the sweet spot. No rev limiter needed for you.

Thanks for sharing and hope your nose is OK!

Really fricken enjoyed it Bro!

dude...your the effin man thats gnarley

DUDE BRAH! :worthy::worthy::worthy::worthy::worthy: Five worthys to you!

Hey! there's a rock jammed into your nose!!! Yea, u couldn't breathe outta your nose CAUSE THERE'S A ROCK STUCK IN IT.

You are one tuff Son-of-a-B, cause I am sure that woulda hurt me enough to have at least reached up to feel my nose and realized. THERE A ROCK JAMMED IN MY NOSE!!!

Story for the ages. Heal up!

Rock on! :lol:

Had me dying from this :lol:

BTW was it broken or just sore?

:lol: actually if your helmet was a tad too large that's a cool way to keep it firmly in place. Edited by OZ DRZ

Hard core! :jawdrop:

note to self for next hare scramble, PASS! if you wouldve charged for 3 corners and passed they guy you woudnt have broken your nose, although that wouldnt hava made for a cool and gnarly story.

congrats on the coolest injury ive seen this year.

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