paddle tire

will i have to remove the flap on swingarm when running a paddle on my 426?

Most likely yes. I bought a cheng shin 10 paddle tire for mine and it just grazed the flap. It really depends on the condition of your chain (how far stretched it is) and how big the paddles are. Remember that at high rpm the paddle tire will elongate and actually come closer to the flap than when it's stopped, much like a dragster tire. Just checking it on the stand won't tell you much. On a positive note, most places you ride with a paddle it's okay to have the flap off because the chances of throwing a rock or damaging debris at the shock is pretty slim. Have fun, they're a blast with the paddle!!!

I left my flap on and it soon wore out from the paddle tire rubbing on it, so I cut it off about half way, which still gives protection to the rear shock from the sandblasting.

..Hhhmmm?..Not so sure you want to remove it completely?..You can't damage anything by leaving it on. It will just get chewed up. But, the part that covers your shaft on the shock will remain. That's whats important. You CAN pit the shaft by sand blasting it with your rear tire. Priced a rear shock lately?. I just placed my Glamis order with White bros. I always get about 4 or 5 of the flap dealies when I order in the begining of the So Cal dune season...And might want to re-think the 10 paddle too. Every one I know, (pros included) run 6 on 125, or 4strk 250, 8 on 250 or 4srtk 400-426, and 10 on 500 or big bore thumps.

Good luck and Have a BLAST!!


Look for SPODE on my back..

You could also put an "OuterWears" cover over the shock for added protection. I haven't noticed any reduction with shock performance with it on. But I'm sure it saves the shaft (even after the mud flap gets chewed away).

My chain is fairly stretched out and I run a 8 cup paddle and still have my flap on. My friend on his '00 YZ250 ripped his off though witha paddle.

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