2005 wr450 Battery Drain

Title says it all, won’t last an hour after being off a trickle charge.

It's probably the battery and not a parastic electrical draw.

Disconnect the ground cable.

Insert a 12v test light/meter between the cable and the battery.

If it glows/meters, you have a draw to hunt down.

If it doesn't, you probably have a battery with a suspect cell.

Title says it all, won’t last an hour after being off a trickle charge.

I have a 2004 WR450 and it has a round, gray button you have to have pushed down in order to run the bike...not sure if yours or all WR's share this common item. But if you leave it pushed down after riding, it will discharge your battery completely as it continues to draw a small amount. This happened to me recently and did not find out until about 2-3 weeks later, so battery was pretty much flat.

Not sure what brand trickler you have, but I tried hooking up my Battery Tender Jr to it and it would only flash red because the battery was below the Tender's minimum thresh hold. So I kick-started the bike and let it run the battery charge back up until the Tender was able to accept it with a steady red signal. I shut the bike down and left the Tender on for over 2 full days, and finally the charge light went from red to green for full charge. It is still starting the bike like it did before...I pretty much figured the battery was toast and it may have shaved off a lot of life...but for now it works. I still have trouble remembering to depress that dang gray button...so now I think I will only use that as my on/off switch instead of the red one.

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I do keep the button off, the battery was only 6 months old so it got turned in for a new one just in case it was the problem.

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