light person on yz426f?

i have been doing a lot off reading about the yz400f and yz426 and am deciding i want to get either bike. I am 6'-1" and weigh 140 so i am small. i only ride trails never been on a track. i am looking for a used 400 since i have been hearing their 1st gear is better than the 426 for desert. i am now riding a 99 yz125 and want to know if the weight wouldnt be to bad?

i just noved out to vegas and when i did i finally switched to the yzf from hondas, i mainly ride desert and find the weight a heck of alot better than my xrs were in the eastern woods, hevnt seen any 99s for sale though

I would it would imagine on the conditioning you are in. I'm 5'10 150 and it's not a problem at all for me but I don't ride the woods. If first gear is all you're concerned about, you can fix that with your sprocket selection.

Also, have you considered a 250f? Might be what your looking for.

If you are just going to trail ride than get the WR!

shoot im 15 5'11" 150 on a 2k1 yz426f and i love it. its soo fun. i like the yzf cuz its quicker than a wr. so its more a personal desicion.

My son is 13 he is 5'4 and 140 pounds and rides a Yz 400. he has been riding since he was 8 he handles the big thumper very well.

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