Water Temperature Sensor

Just bought trail tech´s temperature gauge. The sensor is to be plugged cutting a water hose.

My question is in wich hose it would be better to use: before the water gets the radiator, where temperature is higher and the reading would be more straight from the engine, or after the radiator, where temperature is lower but perhaps i get a better indication of the whole cooling system.


The feed hose going to the radiator is best, the closer to the engine, the better.

What matters is the engine temp, not radiator temp.

I found that the wire was not long enough and had to install on the radiator return. After running that way for a while I think I like knowing the effectiveness of the cooling more than the engine temp since looking at the coolant stream will never tell you your engine temp anyway.

Rad vs Engine: 1-1

I also see slightly different different hose diameters.

which sensor size are you using?

Trail Tech has extension cables.

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