01 RM 250. Slight bog and idle issue.

So I'm still going through my 01 I recently picked up and I'm not sure if it's a bike problem or the bike owner not knowing &%$#@! he's doing.

So, after cleaning and oiling my filter, I started the bike up last night, let it idle for about 2 minutes full choke, then closed the choke and started blipping the throttle, it would blip ok, but it seemed to 'hang' at the top of the idle for an extra second or so, then settle back down.

Is this normal? or should it instantly drop back down? Could it be a return spring? (if there is one?)

Next, when riding the bike, starting off, it's fine but it seems to bog/stumble slightly after about 1/4 throttle opening.

Could all this be because the bike isn't good and warmed up? I live downtown so it's kinda hard to really stretch the legs on this thing.

I also noticed that my right side radiator down tube is SUPER close to my exhaust pipe. I'm guessing it will melt, but I haven't had a change to get the bike hot. Is it possible the pipe is bent? Any ideas about how much clearance I need at this spot?

Sorry for the rambling questions. Thanks guys!

Sometimes my 03 will hang on an idle a little bit by a few hundred rpm but it is no big deal. If it had an air leak it would be alot worse. It doesnt do it after the bike is good and hot.

!/4 throttle stumble could be a jetting issue. Slide cutaway is usualy the culprit for just at 1/4 throttle but it can be masked with a different needle or needle setting if it is not too bad.All the operations that control jetting overlap and can affect others. First try to make sure your air screw is adjusted correctly since it affects jetting mostly in the lower operating areas. If you end up 1.5 turns out or less than you need a richer pilot/slow jet. If it ends up more than 2.5 turns you need a leaner pilot/slow jet. If these dont seem to affect your bog/stumble move on to the needle adjustment. Here is a link for a way to test jetting in your garage. http://www.smellofdeath.com/lloydy/jetting.htm

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