Plastic - color options

Are there plastic companies that make 'other' color plastics for Yamaha's other than blue? If so, what companies, and what color?


You might want to try Maier. They will make pretty much any color you want, but I don't know how long it takes.

Acerbis makes orange and One Ind. makes yellow (the hurricane kit). I lined up next to an orange YZF/WR, and promptly asked the guy, "520 or 400?" Just like KTM orange.

I do know the white doesn't show its age as quickly, I think I got my white plastic from One but they don't show it...

One Industries Yamaha Page

Acerbis Plastic

Keep in mind you will need to change seat covers, tank, and frame color to get the whole ball of wax as far as color changes go. The YZ/WR I mistook for a KTM had an opaque tank, I had a white Acerbis on my YZ (black powder coat and black seat)...


For what it's worth I've had terrible luck w/ Maier plastic, the colors don't match and the holes don't line up. Just my (limited) experience.

Hope this helps.

Thanks very much. Acerbis had what I want.

An ORANGE Yamaha - breathtaking :)

Thanks very much. Acerbis had what I want.

An ORANGE Yamaha - breathtaking :)

Only Strick could love an orange tuning fork bike.... :D


When you get the orange put on, I'd love to see it. I thought about the orange as well. Didn't know how it would look with the blue tank and frame. I did see where Clarke makes and Orange YZ tank. That and a powder coated frame would complete the look.

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