2008 yz450f help

Hi TT. I have a 2008 yz450f and a pretty big problem. I was changing the oil today and when I went to go put the main oil drain bolt back in, it just kept spinning... :banghead: So i took out the bolt and the bolt is in good condition, so I'm pretty sure that the threads inside of the casing is stripped... I did not over torque it, I'm sure that it was the previous owner before me that stripped it. :thumbsdn: I tried to seal/fix it by putting Teflon tape and high temperature silicon/liquid-gasket on the bolt. Right now I'm just letting the liquid gasket cure and hoping that it will atleast seal. Any suggestions on what I should do? I would rather not split the cases. Thanks :rolleyes:

helicoil, autoparts store. that gunk you put on there will not work

thanks for the advice, the only problem is that the metal shavings might get into the engine, and i would most likely have to take the engine out to actually be able to access the threads. But I guess if this is the only way, it's what i might have to do.

Thanks! that post is pretty much the same thing that happened to me... the bolt came out real easy and did not want to tighten :thumbsdn:

If it's the drain bolt on the left side of the motor you can just drill and tap it. For a year I had the only 08 YZ450F that needed a 9/16 socket to get the drain plug out, LOL. Had my bike at the shop last year and had them put a heilcoil in. Was fine with the standard bolt and is fine with the heilcoil also. Was just a pain to find the right size opper crush washers and I had to use 2 steel washers for proper spacing.

When you drill it out put some grease on the drill bit. That will catch most of the filings. Then use a small angled pic the get as much of the rest out. Then dump some cheap oil through it to clean it out. The do two oil changes with replacing the oil filter both times. Then run it for 2 hours and rechange the oil. I stopped getting metal in the oil filter after 3 oil changes.

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