New Eco-nazi poll Vote Now

done and forwarded to 3 others.

Done......Get on it guy's, were losing

34% to 64%

Doesn't seem odd that MSNBC always has these polls buried in articles with a Pro-Green slant? Sure doesn’t seem very fair and balanced, huh? Maybe that’s why FOX News Channel is cleaning up in the ratings?


Done-still 64% to 34% for the bad guys.




still losing.

Unfortunatly, that is a no-win pole. Many people like me will vote no, even though we are anti-enviro-nazi. The federal government has no constitutional right to impose legistlation on these issues. Therefore, I had to vote no. Sorry.

The article is a piece of crap from the first paragraph. We,(USA), are a REPUBLIC, not a democracy. Let's keep it that way.


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