Help - Jump Phobia

I can definitely relate to this topic. 75' tabletop - no problem. 30'double - I am a chicken sh!t. :) I was getting better until last year when my trusty RM hit a kicker on take-off and ejected me over the handlebars over a 45' gap. Ouch - 1 really bad shoulder and a couple of bruised ribs. It was totally my fault - I took this jump hundreds of times and I took it for granted - I was getting cocky on that jump and whipping it sideways. After that set-back - I have lost my marbles when it comes to doubles. Oh well. Anyway, definitely take your time. Practicing over tables is great advise. Don't rush anything. And don't fall into the "if he did it, now I gotta do it" trap. I have a friend that falls into that trap every week and every week he gets hurt. Joe - you are a Moron :D

And for god's sake, stay out of the way of those pesky 80's. Little bastards - they have no fear.



Hey RichB

Of all the replies here I think the one that fits most beginner jumpers the best is from Ga426owner.

I started riding a year ago at 35. I never rode a dirtbike before.

I did exactly what Ga426ower said. Start small...a small table top and master that jump. You'll know exactly how far you jump at that speed. Work up to another jump slightly bigger..preferrably a table top. Master it. Do exactly what he said.

I spent hours jumping this one 50' table top and because of it, I felt comfortable doing the smaller 30-40' doubles...and now I've worked up to clear most jumps on MX tracks without hesitation.

If you have doubts about doing a jump..Don't Do IT!!!!!! If it eats at you and you really want to try might be safer for you to follow an advanced rider over it...otherwise just don't risk it..

stay healthy and have fun.

i agree with odei.. table tops are no problem... but scoop the middle out & no dice.. I am getting better thou.. hit a 4th gear dbl other day ( that after i did it was mad for waitin a month to do it)

I just ask my buddies like Rapture what gear he is in & how is it if you case it etc.. then start short jumping it then either go for it or decide not to... Sometimes it helps to match someones speed over it too ...

I still have 2 jumps to get down this weekend then the track is mine!! mine i tell ya moohahahahahahaa ( evil laugh)

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