Z570 for $500, good deal?

I have a chance to buy a 2002 z570 arctic cat that needs the top end rebuilt for $500. Is this a good deal? Everything seems to be in good condition. Need to know by tomorrow so I can let him onow if I want it.



yea thats probably a good deal, cuz u will prolly put almost 500 into the sled to get it going good and that would be less than what its worth. however i rode a newer 2008 570 fan and it was very slow, it was in a two up, but it would only go 52mph pinned with two people on it. my .02

My wife has a 2002 550f electric start ad reverse..I woudnt sell it for less than 1500.00 The fan cooled sleds are great in tight woods, light weight and handle well. In tight woods I am faster on her sled than my 900

Well, I did get it and alredy got it tore down, needs mag side piston and hone. Otherwise the sled is extremely clean, and has right around 3300 miles I think with an almost new track! I am really happy with it!


It's worth much more than that in parts, if you've got time on ebay.

Got it back together, runs like a top! Already got 80 miles on her.

Got it back together, runs like a top! Already got 80 miles on her.

Just like a dirt bike dont just accept the handling and suspension as is...play with it to see what you like and your riding style. I would bet the skid has never been gone through (sounds like a summer project for you)

Yea, same here!

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