Electric MotoCrosser!!

Hey all,

I just came across this site...pretty cool...


They have some others too if you surf around bit.

Take Care and Ride On...

ps. Carnegie can really be a meat-grinder (any local folks will know what I mean) :)

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Unfortunately since the time change I can't get out for my after work rides. And on top of that I am busy for three weekends in a row so I don't see getting any riding in until early December. I haven't done any winter riding yet but I plan on it this year. Foresthill is the best spot I've been to but with the dust it really sucks (unless you ride in front of the pack.) but after some rain it should be great.

Anyway, I will post up here when I'm heading out next...Take care and ride on...


what do you mean? Club moto has lights! :)

I hear ya on the busy thing! getting older sucks. i just went to foresthill last weekend. they had some rain up there and it was awesome!! The best I've ever seen it. I love that place!


Hey ebay! You don't like Carnegie? Me either, that place is too flat for me :) Just kidding! Carnegie is a blast, if you don't care what your plastic looks like! When will you be out riding again? We should hook up. I always go to club moto, carnegie, or foresthill. I live in Concord. I'm always looking for good people to ride with.


hey guys, i'll have to agree, foresthill is the best trail riding around! hey amador, when do you go to club moto?

I try to get out here at least once during the week. Tuesday night usually. I also usually go riding one day during the weeked. Club Moto mostly, but now that Foresthill is back in action I will probably go there more often. How about you?

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