Applied Racing Smog Block Off

I am having trouble removing the "Emission Tubes" from the front of my motor. It takes a 5mm allen wrench to remove the one bolt. I think the guy who assebled my motor must have welded this bolt in. I broke 2 wrenches and don't know what else to do. Any trick to this? It is kind of a Booger to get at :D :D :D :D :):D

It is kind of a Booger to get at?

Hell yes! I had to cut down a allen wrench with a cut off wheel to get mine off. They must hire some gorilla to tighten these up at the factory.

When they put the Smog junk on these things, I guess they really didn't want anyone to take it off! loufish, What did you use for leverage? I am down to my last wrench and I don't want to break it! :)


The last one I did was a bear. I twisted the allen wrench and then got the bright idea of taking a long screw driver and putting it between the radiator and the frame and smacking it good with a hammer. At angal in the direction to loosen it. :D It was Hugo's bike Jay, not yours ;o). That loosened it up enough to get it to break free. When I was braking them loose at first I was doing it from the left side with the radiator loosened and pushed as far out of the way as I could then I found A way to do it from the right side that gave me more leverage. From the left side I had to cut the allen wrench down. I would have to have one apart and in frount of me to give a step by step. I whish I would take the time to make a web page so I could share the pictures. I have welded quite a few stock ones and haven't burnt one up yet. I cut the tube 3/4 of an inch from the plate (got to get it off first)with tin snips and then weld the tubes till they're just round bumps on the plate. Put the o-rings back on the back side, have my kid put it back in and tighten the allen down and I finish it off. If you had one of those inpach driver that you hit with a hammer and got a 5mm allen socket, could get it between the radiator and the frame (looen the right of left radiator so, you have room) and pow the problem would be over. I have one and it dident down on me till now :D You can get all that stuff at kragen. 5mm socket that is an allen wrench long exstantion and inpack driver. :D maybe the frame is in the way thats why I used the screw driver. :) I'll go look. :D

You got to have a harden top quality wrench or it will just strip. :)

I thought about the impact, but there is no Freekin room to use it! I am going to pick up a couple different allen tools tomorrow. Wish me luck! :)

I did this 2 years ago and i`m a little fuzzy on the details but I got the working room to get at that bolt when I removed the left header pipe. Undue the bolts at the left header -exhaust manifold and the left pipe should separate from header assembly.

Thanks, I tried that and the the header bolts are still in the way. I'll get that sucka today! If not, anyone want to buy a 02'BRP? J/k! :)

Well, I don't have to sell my PIG! I got that stinkin bolt out! I scraped my last knuckle and tried something else. I did the Ol' screwdriver and hammer bit! I took at least 6 hard whacks to break that thing loose! But it is all better now. Thanks for all the help! :):D

I forgot to mention, my bike runs a "Big Load" better without the smog crap on it. The idle is much smoother now for sure! :)

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