Graphics, plain or numbers?

Hey ! its your bike that YOU own ! put anything on it that makes you happy . Numbers=racers???? Crap ! anybody can pay an entry fee and slap a transponder on and go racing . Does it make them somepne special ? Nope . I know guys that are pretty good on the track but hit trees in thr woods .lol. an A rider will never look at you as a poser because you have numbers and dont race , but an immature scrub may , anyway , if he does , hit him in the mouth and he wont do it again . Ride what you want how you want ,,,,, dude , its yours !

This. +1

If you have to ask......

well around where I am, the best riders have the most clapped out looking, torn up, zip tied together, bent, and scratched bikes on the trails. The numbers don't mean a thing. If you have a number you like, put it on your bike! I can almost always spot the squids in the parking lot when they roll up with their loud fart cans, shiny plastic, and factory skid plates. Numbers and colors don't mean a thing.

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