KX 250 2004 rebuild (Performance)?

Hi there guys

Just bought a kx 250 2004 2stroke and rebuilding it, i want to i have a full pro circuit pipe installed and i want to find out what performance parts can i install that will make a big increase on the 2004 models? please help i want my bike to be really powerful, when i bought the bike the previous owner did install new piston and rings and bearings so what els is there to do

What kind of riding are you going to be doing?

That will help give us an idea of good mods.

Porting the cylinder will do the biggest impact for the cash. Only other way is increasing displacement .

The boring truth is that your bike is already crazy powerful, and if you were experienced and fast enough to be able to use more power you would already be hooked up with a good tuner. If you want to go faster spend your money on suspension and a riding school.

Yes unless you're a pro the only thing you should be worried about is track time and suspension work

If you can use and handle all of the power of a 250 stroke, you need to be at Lorettas.

As for basic mods to gain more, a good porting will suffice. Otherwise if you're just looking for bolt ons withou out going internal too much. An aftermarket head like Phathead is a nice upgrade. It still keeps you on pump gas, has larger cooling ports and a choice of a stock or slightly smaller interchangeable chamber. They explain what sizes you can run based on fuel octane, build, etc.

It sounds to me like you're one of those guys that drag race the 4 stroke 450's and want more. If so, get a 500.

Notice the guy with camera is on a 450f

Yes unless you're a pro the only thing you should be worried about is track time and suspension work

Most pros dont do engine work on the bigger bikes. I know most the pros in my area and me included we dont touch the engine much. Only guy I can think of who does major engine work is Derek Anderson. Besides that the 450s and 250 2ts provide a good amount of power stock. If anyone has heard of Robert Fitch he runs a 250 with just a carb mod he did himself. Guy is a top national rider. Yes you dont "need" the power but who doesnt like to say that they have the fastest bike?

Btw it seems more novice guys do motor work while the fast amateurs and pros focus more on suspension. Just a thought.

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