WRF & YZF exhausts?

Well I've ordered a DR.D exhaust system for my '03 YZ250f, and was wondering since my buddy has a '03 WR450f would it work on his bike and would it make any difference?

He has got the standard WR250f exhaust on his bike at the moment with the great big ugly silincer and ti headpipe so he will only want to change the silincer not the header. Will this work? Will it fit? Will it make a difference? If so how much difference will it make and where in the power range?

Is the '03 YZ250f & '03 YZ450f silincers the same apart from the YZ450f having a ti endcap?

We only want to change the silincers not the headers?


I think the header pipe on the 250 is smaller a diameter. But with a good welder you can make anything work. I have a Yz 250 f can on my 450 and it works very well for power and is 2 lbs lighter. With some minor mods I made it work. The big thing I like is the stock pipe gets very hot and this set up I have says much cooler. It is louder this way but if I am not hard on the gas its passible.

different diameters

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