yz426 questions

I have never owned a 426 or any 4 stroke dirt bike for that matter. I found a 2001 yz426f on craigslist for 1400 bucks. Original owner and looks like a very clean bike. I am going to check it out tomorrow and was wondering if there was any problem areas with these bikes i should watch out for. Is 1400 a reasonable deal? I am going to doing some more open trail type riding and maybe hit the dunes once or twice. Are the yzs decent bikes for trial riding? I am also curious on how high maintance these bikes are. Any info and expirence is apreciated, thanks.

Like any used bike look for leaking suspension,bad linkage bearings.Its an old bike so expect some things to be worn out unless the guy keeps everything in top shape.Maintenance is like any other bike,oil change,filter clean and anything else that needs maintaining.I have an 01 also and its a good bike,1 of the most reliable yz's if maintained proper.Its a heavy bike and doesn't like to turn well,I came from an 02 kx250 and found I had to fight the bike around corners.Sag adjustment and adjusting the front forks helped a lot.If you haven't started a 426 before then make sure you learn the proper technique or you will be very frustrated when you want to go for a ride.I think its a plenty capable bike for what you want it for and I don't know what kind of pricing bikes are in your area but if it were here it would be a very good price,I paid $2500 for mine last summer.

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