leftover pricing?

Not many of my local dealers have any leftover 450's, the ones that do are only discounting them $500 to $800. Was hoping to get a deal on a leftover, what are you guys paying for leftovers?

i had been looking at some 2012s , the best price i found was 7500 out the door with a the tuner. thats here in nc,sc, va area

troy city garage in albany NY, there prices are on their website. if your comming from out of state to buy a bike you dont have to pay sales tax also. unless you want to register it

a good company to buy from.


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Bought my 12 in GA in November of 2012 for $6300 before taxes.

Thanks for the replys, I am looking to buy in New England but don't mind driving if its worth the deal, it sucks paying sales tax, I am gonna register it to trail ride some so time to bend over and get screwed by the state

ronnies cycle in vermont or adams.ma have pretty good deals...6400$

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