2012 - 2013 wr Maps

Owners of 2012 - 2013 wr450's can u please chime in and post what map u are using and what map u found had the most aggressive power, which one had best mileage so on. Please post values if possible.


Supposedly on the yamaha site they a had a modded wr450 map but i can not find it. The map they show is the same as the gytr head and exhaust map??


Can vouch for the Aussie Map. Really woke the bike up.

Looking forward to trying the MX map next.

Does anyone know if you can use the 'Modded' map with the stock exhaust?

With the maps in the above post, note that the Aussie Yamaha marketing dept. had a big lunch before they signed off on that and the 'bush' and 'hardpack' maps are the same.

Re mileage: hook up a bigger tank or forever hate.

I rode the bike today holy crap this bike is awesome!! Suspension was awesome and the bike had a ton of power!! I was extremely impressed! It was worth every penny. If it did not have the same power as my buddies 2009 yz450f it was damn close. To me mine seemed faster. What map has more power the aussie map or the moddified map??

Does everyone actually check the valves after break in??

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My understanding is that the different maps do not increase or decrease the horsepower, they just change the way it is delivered.

Checked my valves at 280ks (174 miles). No change.

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Another question where is the compression dampning on the front forks?? The manual they gave me never really states where the hell it is. The picture kinda shows like it is at the top but i thought the compression dampning was at the bottom.

On your forks, the compression damping is on the top. On the older '"bath" style of forks the compression was on the bottom.

Thks brother i appreciate it.

Gave the MX map a go on the weekend. If you thought the Aussie map was good, give this a go. Agressive right from the bottom and just keeps pulling with the sweetest power curve. Great for log hopping with a nice crisp snap. Was good in the dry, but probably not ideal for technical hills in the wet.

Had a huge grin on my face for the whole ride. Can't believe how much these maps change the bike. :worthy:

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