04 WR450 oil plug issue

small oil gallery plug on right front side of head just above the exhaust flange popped out today, oil blowing out everywhere.

what would cause that little plug to come out/leak, etc? has anyone had this happen to them? and how do u install a new one at what depth?

Sounds wild, got any pics?

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It's somewhat common. It's the decompression plug, which used to have a complete lever assembly on the older models, but now is just filled with a plug. Do a search and you'll find everything you need. Do you still have the plug?

Decompression plug like Maniac said. Do a search, plenty of info on it; I bought a metal replacement on eBay for my 04 but haven't installed it yet. Maybe $20?

Hey thanks guys, i was thinking the worst, plug was lost during last few minutes of the ride. Didnt loose that much oil.

It sounds a little common? has anyone pinnind a new plug in the decomp port to secure it? ill check out the ebay plug fix

Check your breather tube. A common cause of blowing out that plug (apart from the fact that it's a wimpy POS) is the metal band clips that hold the breather tube to the frame get crushed and pinch the tube off, allowing pressure to build up in the crankcase.

Replace the plug with an 18mm brass "freeze plug" (cup plug) from an auto parts store for < $2.

I laid my bike down and hit it square on a rock. Put some medical tape on a stick and pluggled it to make it back to the truck. Then bought this fancy blue metal one and never had a problem and it was good looking too.

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