New Yzf426


I'm new to TT. I just got a 02 yz426f I need to get a couple things for the bike..clutch lever,rear brake master cylinder, clutch cable, nd two tires. I read that I could use a newer brake master cylinder in order to eliminate the reservoir..wanted to know if a 04 yz450f master cylinder would work.


Yes, it will, but you will probably have to saw off the tab that holds the reservoir, and you'll also need to partly unbolt it and tilt it back in order to remove the cover to fill it.

Ok thanks. What kind of tires do yall recommend. I do mostly trail riding

I have a set of Pirelli skorpions on my 426, intermediate/hard terrain and they grab pretty good. Motionpro clutch cable, and you may want to look Into an ASV clutch lever.

Tires really are a personal choice based on terrain, preferred manufacturer and price. Here in Michigan, it is primarily sandy, however depending on the trail, it can be rocky, rooted, loam, etc. The favorite tires I've run (and the majority it seems in MI) is the Michelin S-12s which is a soft terrain tire. They can chunk if you ride in rocks frequently as they are a harder compound rubber, but they have awesome hook-up in the sand and loose stuff. If you ride a lot of roads in-between trails, they tend to wear a little better because of the harder rubber. They are NOT DOT rated for road use if you need that for a plate.

I may give the Dunlop Geomax MX31's a try in the future as I see them being used as well, but haven't done much research on the reviews of them.

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