2009 yz450f miles per tank

Does anyone have a general range on a 450? I always pit between 30-40 miles but i have a race this weekend where the trail is 20 miles so I am not sure if I can deffinately make it 40 miles. Any information would help.

Should be fine unless extreme conditions. Pinned wide open in the sand with a ton of wheelspin the whole way or somethging like that. I think I get mid thirties in supermoto trim under race conditions when the throttle spends a lot of time wide open. My buddy did a off road race once and forgot to fuel after his first race. He made it 50ish before he ran out and he is a fast b rider. I am sure some one will chime in with more accurate figures but I don't think you need to worry.

My 08 gets 32 to 35 miles off one tank. I put the larger tank on so I wouldn't have to pit

At desert race pace I am around 25 MPG.

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