Dual Sporting a 2005 WR450 Questions

I have a long trip in the Colorado Mountains, (95% off road) coming up in June-July and would like to get any advice from you guys that may have done long trips before on the WR.

1. I have the Acerbis 3.3 gal tank, what tank bag do you use?

2. I posted about the Rekluse EXP Clutch, and I think I've decided against it at this point unless anyone can make an argument for why it would be worth it. I can't afford to go with the Pro-Start, so that's off the table unfortunately.

3. I was planning on running my favorite tires, Pirelli XCMH, should I be looking at a different option?

4. Thoughts on using tire mousse or tire balls? Or should I just carry a patch kit and extra tube?

5. I'll be running with the Giant Loop bag, as well as my tent and hit like that, including my 44mag, any options other than the ProMoto Billet rack?

6. Any other advice, tips, comments, free beer or places to stay would be very welcomed.

Thanks fellas

We do long distance trips on our WR's all the time, but down in Baja and not in the Colorado Mountains. If your using a Giant Loop bag on the rear, do you really need a tank bag? I don't have any experience with the tires you mentioned, so I can't comment on them. We use the Maxxis IT's and like them very much, both for there traction & the longevity. It sounds like your trying to save money by not getting the Rekluse Pro-start, so why not save even more money by not getting tire balls, mousse, etc, and just using the long proven tube with a patch kit? They work fine and don't cost an arm & a leg! Just my thoughts.

The tank bag is actually to carry my 44mag, around us in the northeast PA and into NY there are way too many black bear so i really don't leave it to chance.

Never used the Maxxis IT, but I've heard good thing about them. Around us it's much more rock, mud and roots than sand unless we ride in the Pine Barrens in NJ.

Anyone have experience with the Maxxis in the northeast? Also, are they DOT? Not that it really matters, but we do use asphalt often to connect and the rangers in NJ can be pretty rough at times.

Good thoughts on the tire balls/mousse, never used them but I thought maybe they would offer longevity and maybe relieve the burden of carrying extra tubes, patch kit and pump.

You don't want to use a mousse if your on pavement for any length of time. They will overheat and melt.

Skip the mousse and tire balls, and go with Tubliss. Carry a full tire plug kit with air cartridges. Simple to fix that rare flat.

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