Thinking of selling my L

I could really use some guidance on pricing it. It's a '00 model, I bought it brand new, and it's got 1210 miles on it. No typo, one thousand, two hundred and ten miles.

I haven't ridden it, except for a spin to the "qwikie-mart" for a can of snuff, since I got my 400.

It's nicely appointed too. Red IMS 4 gal. with oem '00 XR600 tank graphics, SRC fork brace and full length fork skinz, FMF MegaMaxII pipe, Pirelli MT21s, Moose skid plate, Enduro Eng. shark fin, SRC chain guide, geared 14/48, and of course de-smogged and uncorked (BD carb mod/re-jet), and Uni-Filter, and the small Acerbis tail light unit.

Also included of course is a big box full of everything you'd need to put it back bone stock. Although I can't imagine why one would do that, this thing runs sweet! :D Wheelies effortlessly.

I've kinda got the hots lately for a two-smoker as a companion piece to my XR400. Maybe a KX 500, or a KTM 300 EXC...I don't know for sure yet, but I do know I'm not getting any good outta my XR650L, and somebody oughta be. It's just too nice a bike to just sit there in the garage with a sheet over it and get old.

So before I resort to trading it in on the smoker, and getting smoked by some dealer, I thought I'd try placing it with a good home myself! :D

Anyone have any thoughts as to what a fair and equitable asking price might be for my baby? Geeze, I hope I can go through with this!!! :)

Sounds like a nice bike - I understand how you feel,

I want one of everything before I die, just can't have it all at one time.

Bike values are so regional. Up here in the land of the wind chill factor

that sounds like a $3500 bike.

Tricked out like that and not ridden off-road? What were you waiting for? The right moment when the perfect opportunity presented itself?

Those are some serious hop ups for not ever seeing dirt. You've probably invested close to $1K in aftermarket mods. I bet you could sell it for close to $5K.

I bought mine used with 2K miles on it in September 03 and with only 1/2 the goods yours has for $3.8K. It was listed for $4.2K.

Let's see a picture. :)


I just bought the wrong machine for my location and needs.

I bought it as my "getting back into riding" bike after a long lay-off. They had just opened up the Hatfield/McCoy trail system in WV about an hour away from here, and I wanted something to ride it on with my buddy who rode an XR400.

Sorry if I gave the impression that it had never seen dirt. I took it down there about 3 or 4 times. But H/M is rugged, rocky, steep, mountainous coal mining country, and on the drive home I'd be sore all over from wrestling that monster and feeling like I'd been hit by one of them coal trucks, and my buddy would be just fine and wanting to hit the steakhouse! So one time we traded rides for a couple hours, and I knew I had to have an XR400.

I don't know how to say this without sounding like I'm putting the 650L down, I'm not, I love that beast, but I'm 5'10" with a 32" inseam and just of average strength, and the XR650L is just a bit too much bike for me to try and hoss around up and down mountain switchbacks. My 400 is just a much better fit for my ability, I'm more confident on it and actually faster because of it.

I pulled the cover off the L last week and rolled it out for a little spin to the store, and after riding that 400 so much, I forgot who I was dealing with. I turned out of the driveway onto the asphalt street and sort of short-shifted out of first and nailed second hard...on pavement!

Well, excuse me! That demon snatched that front end up in the air about head high almost past the balance point like it was nothing. I soiled my BVDs, climbed up on the tank, and got on the rear brake just in the nick of time not to loop it. I shifted into third showing it some damn respect, and I swear I could almost feel it chuckle like it was saying, "you ain't playing with no 400 now chump".

The wife had our hard drive gutted out last spring cause of a virus, and I lost all my bike pix I had saved. But I'll look around here and try to find one of it to scan, or just take some new ones, and if I can figure out how, I will post you some. I think you'd like it. I paid like 60 bucks just for the tank graphics, stock '00 XR600R ones, just so it'd look factory. I've changed it's oil 4 times, every 300 miles. So far I've ran GN 20W-50 in it, but it's ready to be switched over to a full synthetic now if a guy wanted to. And I've checked the valves twice and they're perfect, .004 and .005

Oh, and the factory Honda shop service manual goes with it too. That's about a $40 value right there! :)

Sounds nice, BUT there's a ton of low mile, clean L's out there. Lots with mileage in the hundreds going for 3k!

I'd say 3500. was about right.

Okay MLB,

That's cool, I didn't have any unrealistic notions that I was gonna get my money back on it. I just wanted some idea where to start, and I knew you big bore guys could help, and you did! Thanks guys :)

BTW, You gotta believe me when I tell you that I never meant to come in here "hawking" it to you guys like some Mr. Haney on Green Acres. :D I haven't even listed it on the Bikes for sale forum here on TT. I figured I'd probably pick up one of those Cycle Trader rags at the qwikie-mart and read about how to list it in there......

But, I found my photo album in the closet just now and it's full of good pics of the L and my 400 too, but they're 35mm photos. It looks like when I click Image on the post page, that the pic is gonna have to be hosted on the net somewhere, is that right?

Okay, I'm not a computer guy. I have no idea how to even start to do that. But I can scan pics onto my hard drive and e-mail them.

So Dog or MLB, if either of you guys want to you can PM me with your e-mail address and I'll send them to you. You can post them here on this thread for me if you want to, or just coach me on how to do it and I'll give it a shot myself. I'd like to know how to do that anyway.

Sorry for being such a computer retard, but honestly if it wasn't for TT I'd never touch this friggin' thing. :D


You have to have the pics hosted somewhere before you can post them. Send me a pic and I'll post it for you.

Put your bike on I found my 650R on there about 1.5 years ago. I had to drive through your neck of the woods to get it. It was in Lexington near the horse center. It was titled and plated in KY, dual sport kit, pipe, speedo, etc. Not a scratch. The stock tires didn't even have the shine worn off the knobs. $3800! :) I love cycletrader. :D

Anyway, send me a pic. I have a buddy who may be interested.

That 650L is big but it can get the job done anywhere. I was pre riding the Blackwater 100 course on a XR6 one year and got hung up at the moon rocks for a second. :D Out of nowhere came Scott Summers on a 650L. It had all the heavy stock stuff still on it, lights, tank, etc. It was also fitted with a fender rack and cooler. He cleared the whole section, carrying the front wheel and was gone. :D Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, he was riding two up with a very pretty blonde. :D:)


No worries. You tried it and didn't like it. Choice is what we're (USA) are all about. A lighter and lower machine is usually better in every case and you've found one that works for you. And it's still a Honda!

I'm 5'10" and 190 lbs. and really like what the L affords. It's perfect for SO CAL where I live. I ride freeways, mountain twisties, city streets and dirt so it meets all my needs for a big, bad Chopper. :)

Hopefully you can get what you think it's worth. Check out and do a search for comparision pricing throughout the states. That's where I found my bike. Good luck. :D

I was pre riding the Blackwater 100 course on a XR6 one year and got hung up at the moon rocks for a second. Out of nowhere came Scott Summers on a 650L. It had all the heavy stock stuff still on it, lights, tank, etc. It was also fitted with a fender rack and cooler. He cleared the whole section, carrying the front wheel and was gone. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, he was riding two up with a very pretty blonde.


I'm convinced that he ain't human. I rode in a dual sport ride down in Renfro Valley, KY a couple years ago and he was there (he lives here in KY). Same kind of deal exactly, he was riding hurt, had his knee all wrapped, on a stock XR650L, and doubling that blonde on the back. I honestly thought they were joking.....until they pulled out of the staging area two-up!!!

He took us through some of the awfulest stuff I'd ever ridden, creek crossings, slick muddy hill climbs, rock gardens....I couldn't believe what I was seeing. And to beat it all he had to keep stopping and waiting on us, while she sat there filing her nails!

I swear I don't think he's a carbon based life form. Some kind of android or something....but a super nice friendly one though! :D

The pics are forthcoming I promise. Hit a little snag tonight. See on top of my lack of computer knowledge, I'm married to a blonde who thinks she knows all about them, and she keeps this thing screwed up like you can't imagine! I loaded my pic in this ScanJet 4100C, pushed the button, and nothing. :) Pulled the tower out to have a look at the twisted, tangled mess of cables in the back, and found the scanner USB cable hanging loose. Plugged it into a hole it would fit in, and the monitor informed me that a "driver" couldn't be found. A driver??? I DON'T WANNA PLAY GOLF DAMMIT, I WANNA SCAN A FREAKIN' BIKE PIC!!! :D

So after we finish a nice peaceful turkey dinner tomorrow, without warning I'm gonna choke the living sh*t outta her until she fixes this friggin' thing. :D

Thanks in advance for doing this for me, and Happy Thanksgiving to You, Dual Dog, MLB, and Dutch!

Hey, nothing lost starting out high and coming down if you have too. That's a SWEET sounding bike and find the right person that appreciates the value of all that stuff and maybe you get 4k+. I'm here looking to get back in after a few bikeless years, and IF I was ready to pay, I'd be seriously talking to you about it. Good luck.

Appreciate the encouragement MLB!

Okay, I just got a pic off to Stonewall, he's gonna post it for me. This ain't the pic I really wanted to show you guys, 'cause my 400's sorta blocking the view, but you'll get a pretty good idea. It's cherry, I promise. I'd never lie to XR brothers. :D

I gotta get me a digital camera. My scanner seems to be Sorry :)

Hey Rusty

Here's your pic. :D I am still heading out there sometime for that Hatfield-McCoy tour you promised me. :)


Rusty, announce your L for sale on the Yahoo XR650L web site, you might get a bite there. Also you should try I have sold two bikes on there. Judging by the photo, if you were to ask $3500, I think someone would be all over it, like stink on poop. :)

D_mn Rusty!

You weren't kidding! That is one, make that two, sweet lookin' machines. Too bad you weren't selling the L back in August. I would've snatched it from you for at least $4,400!

That yahoo group (which I am a member of also) is Keep us updated with your sales efforts.

Hey Rusty

Here's your pic. I am still heading out there sometime for that Hatfield-McCoy tour you promised me.

Stoney...YOU DA BOMB MAN! :D

Thank you very much. You just let me know when you're coming, and I'll call ahead and get us some reservations and we'll make a two-dayer out of it and split Hatfield/McCoy wide open! :)

There's a 5 star steakhouse down there with a big 'ol juicy T-bone or a monster rib-eye in there with your name on it pal...ON ME! :D

Dual Dog & Slip, Thanks guys. You guys made me blush :D:D

My riding buddies call my bikes "trailer queens" 'cause I've never pulled in to the trailhead once with a speck of dirt on 'em anywhere, and all slick and shiny with Armorall. It may be a mental defect, but I can't put one to bed dirty. :D

Dog, xrlug@yahoo groups is where I learned how to uncork my L when I first got it, great bunch of guys. I'd forgot about that, thanks! :D

Well I'll go beat the bushes and shake a few trees and see if any monkeys fall out. I'll stay in touch here too, just in case some stray newbie would happen to wander in looking for an L. :D Thanks for everything guys! :D

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