New here, New (to me) too.

Just signed up for the forum. It seems like the place to learn about my new to me bike. A 2001 WR426F. I picked up for the right price, it even came with a spare set of forks and two more rear tires. Apparently one of the previous owners installed a big bore kit ( gotta find out exactly what was done). It has the decompression lever. YZ front and rear fenders. Its not in perfect shape but good enough to ride the dirt roads where I live. I plan on making it a motard at some point. But for the time being Im just going to flog it. I look forward into learning more and building this bike up the way I want it. Here some pics.


Here is a pic of my other bike.


Ill clean it up tomorrow at work, and give it a few laps.

I like that bike! (both actually, but the black one is really sweet!!!)

strip the plastics on the duc and throw on some 17" knobbies...make that thing a desert sled!

I would sell the delltaco and put the $ into the killer Wr you got there. Looks good!

Depending on your preference...I believe there was a 450 cam or something like that you could get that lets you go from having the manual decomp in favor of an automatic one. Only saying because I had a 2002 YZ 426 and I loved that bike a lot, but ended up selling it because I got too frustrated with the starting ritual most particularly after stalling. So this little cam fix came out right after I sold my 426 and of course I was bummed. It was (and still is) one of the plushest bikes I ever rode...good find you got yourself there.

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