YZ450f mapping on a mod engine

I have been using the jay Marmont map on my 2010 with a dr d pipe on pump gas. I was going to install a 13.5 piston and and stage 2 cams and the twin air airbox. Any suggestions on mapping? i was told I can keep with pump gas as long as it is ethonal free. I seen the gytr map that is for the pipe, piston and cams without porting and uses race gas. Any other suggestions?

Use the gtyr map ported head,cam, piston,pipe or the map below it piston,cam, pipe or use your current map.I've been down the road your on they all work,but I liked the ported head map better.It's not going to hurt it running any of those maps,I had crower cams& 14-1 piston they liked timing&fuel.Bought gtyr head with gtyr cams used sold stock head &crower cams,liked the yamaha stuff with the gtyr map much better then my first setup. VPR fuel by vp might be a wise fuel choice with your mods.my 2010 loved that fuel.

That is what I was thinking. I just was not shur if i could still go on pump or not. I have no problem with getting vp. Just did not want to run it all the time. I had thought about running VPR. Thats the leaded version of pump from VP if I remember right.

My engine guy was telling me that it would be actually better to port the head and keep the stock cams. Opening up the exaust ports is supposed to make a big differance.

I had cams, stock head,14-1 piston,then put the crower cams in the gtyr ported head not much different.Cams make a bigger difference (more) power than a ported head with stock cams.Cams are lot cheaper than a ported head ,the new yamaha head is pretty good. the gtyr cams are bettetr yet.Crower might have a new grind ,jgr runs his stuff,my crower cams were bought in 2010.

Cut your cylinder 15-20 crower did my 2013 cr for $45.

What i have right now is Hot cams stage 2 and a wiseco racers choice 13.5. I have to put them in yet. I just did the suspension and moved the engine with the dr d kit. I would like to get some seat time before I do the engine. The north east has not been very forgiving for me to get out and ride!

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