What braided line and intergrated rear brake light?

Hey guys,

G'day from Australia. First post on here, so hello to everyone.

I've been looking all over the net, on here, ebay, other shops etc etc, and are having a bad time trying to find some braided lines for my wr450 2008. I've found some on various sites all different prices and have no idea what one to choose.

I'm beefing the bike up for camping enduro type riding, bigger tank, suspension etc. If that helps with what type of braided lines to go with.

Also I'm wanting to get rid of the massive license plate holder and put a rear brake light that has the indicators in it. Anyone know of a smaller license plate holder with a intergrated light in it?

Can anyone post up what they recomend and post links to online stores that deliver to Aus too?

Cheers in advanced.

Is there a reason why you want a braided front brake line? With fresh brake fluid, properly bled, and with no contamination on the pads or rotor the braking is pretty darn impressive! I've tried the braided lines in the past, and while they sometimes provide better power, I've found that they don't always improve the "feel" at the lever and that they have a habit of rubbing thru whatever plastic they come in contact with. Certainly, that's just my opinion though!! Welcome to ThumperTalk!!!

Cheers Maniac998, I've read a fair bit on the net that the standard lines do not cope with abuse you give them while riding, and after a few years they swell anyway. I've seen some on the net for $30-$50 so I thought it's not much to test out. I've bled my brakes and put new shoes on and the lever is still very squishy for my liking.

Thanks for your input on the what you've experienced.

A Honda master cylinder will improve your braking effort. Yamaha's are known to have more "free-play" in this area than other manufacturers (ie Honda) and this is probably what you are noticing. As for the hoses "swelling", I've heard that before too, but don't put any stock in it. As I've said, I've tried the braided lines in the past and most of the time they don't provide any or much improvement at all. I've found that the OEM stuff is more forgiving during braking, especially out here where traction is limited. Now for SuperMoto, I might change my mind and install the stiffer braided line, but not for off-road.

Brake fluid breaks down the plastic brake lines over time, and they do swell.

Braking brand or Gafler brand lines are fantastic, and the braiding is covered by an outer shell.

Baja Designs makes an under-fender rear light/lic plate holder that holds up.

There are tons of copies, which don't.

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