service on wr450f '07.

I need to do a service on my wr450f 2007 before spring :ride: but I'm not adept at it :banghead: so I took it to an dealer. The seller says it has done service, changing the oil, oil filter and battery. What should I say master, what to pay attention to? thank you :thumbsup:

Follow everything the service manual recommends and you will be fine.

No! Service manual says something ridiculous like 1000mi oil changes.

First check your valves, clean air filter when dirty, change oil every 8-20hrs of riding, depending on how hard you ride. Grease swingarm linkage, oil chain, flush fork fluid.

Sorry... I think you guys missed his point.....I feel the most frequently required service is the oil and filter along with the air filter both of these services are very simple and a good place to save $ by not having to go to the shop as often. Get the book from Yamaha. It will take you through what you need. Good luck and I hope you will enjoy wrenching on your own bike.

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