WR 450 letter to Yamaha

We are being tossed out like a disposable diaper.

What is the only reason you would throw out a disposable diaper? Yamaha must think you're full of $hit. :) Too funny :lol:I laugh at myself.

Yes, you are funny...Maybe you are a comedian. You registered on 1/27 and that was your first post. I hope it gets better. Oh, Hi Jim...

Yes, you are funny...Maybe you are a comedian. You registered on 1/27 and that was your first post. I hope it gets better. Oh, Hi Jim...

I agree with you 100%. SO JIM, you're now coming to this board to tell people they are full of $hit now huh? Well F-U buddy! I hope you burn to death in a horrible fire! DICK! :D:)

The failure rate of these bikes has been calculated at over thirty percent (30%) within nine months from date of purchase.

30 percent?!? That smells like a class action candidate to me...

Man that sucks guys I ride a xr650r and the forum is a bit borring sometimes so I checked this one out used to ride Yamahas. good luck nothing worse than a bike you wonder about I hope you guys get the parts and service you deserve! That way we all can ride together no fun to sit on the couch while your buddies rail around the woods!

by SBG

<<<< Well F-U buddy! I hope you burn to death in a horrible fire! DICK!>>>>>

Real nice, bash the 1st time rookie. After 650 posts whats your excuse? :)

I have to admit, as a first time buyer I was thinking it was my lack of experience that was giving me problems. Thankfully Off-road.com happened to have a 03 WR450 as a project bike and I was aware of the Woodruff Key issue with in my first 50 miles. However After calling my dealership about it (C.M.S.) they said they never heard about it. 176 miles in and about 1/4 mile down the start of a sweet ride I turn off my bike to listen to a friend and go to hit the e start.

Ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni "Mother-(explitive deleted)"

buh-buy Woodruff key. So it goes to the shop I miss some of the sweetest last days of riding, but I have my break-in service done as well. Now to be honest the thing never started easily untill you get it running for a few min. Then it would start with one whack. Forget the E-start on the first fire up cause it is to this day, absolutely useless. :) And this whole needing to have a trickle charger is pretty F-N retarted too.

So figuring it was just too lean from the factory and my addition of the GTY-r Silencer It wouldn't hurt to drop around a hundred bucks to have it re jetted for easier starts, and to run w/ the new silencer. Now all my Honda buddies are telling me it sounds like the top end is making noise, which I can't say I have enough experience to verify that myself althought it does sound a little rappy after about 10 min of technical riding. Now I had the TSB done at the same time as my break-in service. I have racked about another 3-400 miles on top of that but I seriously worry about how long this bike will last. I'm wondering if I bought a GM here? I was under the impression that only they let the fist production run of their vehicles be R&D by the public....

I paid a $6,000 for a bike, and I demand a $6,000 bike.

Am I out of line? :D

I want in on the '04 upgrade parts and feel its Yamaha's responsibility to upgrade them at their expense.

Given my situation how do I begin?

You got a hell of a bike for $6000. :D Upgrade to the 04 starter components and enjoy an extremely reliable bike. :)

by SBG

<<<< Well F-U buddy! I hope you burn to death in a horrible fire! DICK!>>>>>

Real nice, bash the 1st time rookie. After 650 posts whats your excuse? :)

Well, I guess you didn't check "wrencher's" info now did you? And the fact that he still only has "1" post? That should make you think some A-hole logged on just to throw $hit in our faces about the obvious problem with the starters on the WR450's. :D "Wrencher" is just some loser trying to start crap here. Whether it's Jim or not.

You got a hell of a bike for $6000. :) Upgrade to the 04 starter components and enjoy an extremely reliable bike. :D

what difference did you notice before and after? Since this is Yamaha's botch isn't there a way to get them to foot the bill? If not what do I need and how much?

It seems to crank over fine but it doesn't seem to fire off enough of a spark. Kicking it the first few times is a [@#$%&*!] too seems like the same thing, and I just threw in a new plug in (thanks Yamaha for making that thing such a dream to get too :D."

If you keep the stock side case and get a custom bushing added to it you need $270.00 in parts. See all the notes and details on web site: www.wr450.com photos section and see 04 starter upgrade notes. :)

I sent this letter to yamaha, and I got a phone call from Jim from Yamaha customer satisfaction stating that he reconized the letter as somthing I got from the internet,I told him Idid get it from the internet but it described my feelings exactly. He told me Yamaha would only repair the woodruf key if it fails and would not replace the starter gears,he would not even admit there was problem with the starter gears. Now I am stuck with a bike I paid $7000. dollars for out the door and I am afraid to ride it more than walking or pushing distance from my truck with out spending hundreds of dollars to upgrade it. In 2003 I bought two brand new Yamahas,I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER YAMAHA EVER!!!!

I feel the same. I'll wait for the second year model next time. All the 03 250's have the damn CDI problem, and Yamaha is too cheap to claim that was an issue also. I mean, they could offer a deal were the buyer only pays 50% of the parts cost and I think most people would do it. Plus the parts have a mark up on them anyway, so Yamaha would still win.

So us 250 guys are in the same boat as you 450 guys. I have to waste $400 on a CDI when the stocker should have been capable of not stumbling at a certain throttle opening.

Next bike, GREEN , <font color="yellow">YELLOW , RED , or <font color="orange">ORANGE ! Screw you Yamaha. I've owned 3 of your bikes, and you got the last dime from me ever. I also tell people to buy other bikes and avoid the blue. Hope you realize that people do read these boards and WE can put a dent in your ass. That's one of the reasons I wish people who are so damn brand loyal would knock the $hit off. If a bike has issues, stop making it like these are the only worthy bikes. They are not. The others are just as good if not better. At least they can ride away from there pit areas and feel like they won't be pushing the bike back when the key finally gives out.

I am using a different approach with Yamaha. That is, voicing my disgust (all factual) with potential WR450 buyers. I am a member of a 150 member private motorcycle club. All members know the headaches and $$$ that my WR450 has cost me due to Yamaha’s design flaws and also know about Yamaha’s failure to stand behind their products. In fact, the three Yamaha dealers in the Louisville area have already heard feedback. To compound the influence, several members of my club work in or manage non-Yamaha bike dealerships. These guys have my name and phone number. So, when people come into their shops and inquire about; "how does this bike compare to the Yamaha 4-stroke" get my name and phone number. I then tell them all the facts of how Yamaha won't stand behind their product.

It is a simple approach, "once bitten, twice stupid". Future Yamaha owners will have to wear the "stupid patch" for not learning from others that they laid down $6-10,000 of their cash from a manufacturer that is known for not standing behind what they sell.

It is ironic, but most arguments/reasoning that were posted on TT for selecting the ’03 WR450 over KTM 450 were the based on the $1,000+ more for the KTM (put good bars on the Yamaha and put $1k in your pocket, sure sounded logical...I fell for it). Now, us same poor suckers that have to push our bikes out of the woods when the woodruff key fails, or fork over serious cash to fix the starter flaw feel pretty stupid defending our logic to go blue over orange or red. Even worse, I feel even more stupid for recommending to over ten people the purchase a WR450. In short, I'm not going to waste another 37 cents mailing a letter of disgust to Yamaha. Nor are others that I know going to purchase another blue bike if I can help it.

Last year at this time, there were backorders for WR450's in the Louisville area (100 mile radius). Today, dealers are still sitting on 04 stock. Let the dealers sit on the stock...maybe Yamaha will listen to their dealers...they sure the heck don't care what the customers think. In fact, while buying my son’s bike two weeks ago, I let everyone in the shop looking at '04 WR450/WR250’s know what I thought of my '03 WR450 and how poor of service I had received from Yamaha. I actually persuaded one kid to try a CRF250… I believe it worked… by the time I was leaving the shop with my son’s bike, he was putting money down on a 04 CRF250x..

In summary, I've wasted almost $8k on a WR450… not including the intrinsic value of a good days riding (lost when a woodruff key or starter fail). I’m not going to waste more money on a stamp and letter that will have no influence that with Yamaha. The only organ that Yamaha can hear with is their wallet. When it is empty, they will start to listen. I am glad to say that I haven’t seen one new ’04 Yamaha 4-stroke at my club so far this year. However, I have seen quite a few shiny new orange and red bikes.

Honda CRF450X is what I am waiting for! But I am going to wait for the second year release and determine any flaws from our great TT forum. I am sure that Yamaha poor sales of the 04WR450 is directly related to TT forum members and overall internet forums chat! They all know about the 03 design flaw and many are staying away from the WR450! Yamaha will pay for their arrogance in the long run with reduced sales!

VERY well put. I wish more of us had the influence that you do. :)

I was in the same boat with my Yamahas I had no confidence in them at all didnt want to ride far from the truck loved them when they worked but that wasnt often. Always was passing up rides because of bike problems wanted a bike that would work and be fast and be a honda didnt make the 250x or the 450 so I bought a 650 yes its a bit heavy but $0 in repairs and ridding a couple times a week and no problems I have owned 7 hondas in 26 years and never a problem at all, never been left any where had a 85 xr350 with around 25000 miles never split the case, didnt leak, nothing always worked perfect took good care and sold it last year for 2200

The word of mouth thing is about all that is left to do since Yamaha won't/doesn't care what we the owners are saying. Basic customer service philosphy is lost on them. Going red is looking pretty good about now.

Funny I was thinking about switching from orange to blue until I heard from a fellow club member the trouble that he has had with his. Another Club member is a dealer.He brought his new wr450 out for its first real ride and it never left the parking area. Woodruff already done. Ashame really. I think I'll either go red or stick with Orange. Good luck guys. The word of mouth is like wild fire on this problem. Once their sales take a hit maybe they'll make a bike that keeps running.

I looked at the HONDA CRF250X again last week. It is sweet and would be perfect for a tight woods bike. The problem is that the word is out on the WR450F, and you can't get SHT for it. . <ul type="square"> The going price on an 03 WR450F is $3,400. Thus for those blue-bloods who have brand loyalty to some Japanese company that doesn't give a horses axs about you, who say since they haven't had a failure that they aren't affected, it is time to wake up. Your bike is worth $1,100+ less because of the woodruff key issue. Yes, you lost over a thousand dollars already, failure or not.

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