Foot pegs - need wider ones

Hey guys,

I want to upgrade to a slightly wider peg.

Any recommendations?



I love my Fastway pegs, and they have a one year warranty if you bend them, even CRASH DAMAGE!!!

Thanks guys!

Itsamre - Do you have the Fastway with the screws or pegs? (F1 and F3 vs F2 and F4)

Do the screw types chew up the boots?


The pegs, not any more than any other foot peg. They seem to bore little "holes" in the sole and then your boot is resting on the bars as well as the little pegs, and the small "holes" tend to hold your foot in place automaticaly when your foot is on the peg. I ride off road and sometimes ride 150 miles a day, 130+ standing, and the pegs don't ever come to mind all day. I also like the fact that they are flat on the outside ends during those times when you get a little too close to something, they just slide by rather than catching.

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