YZ tank and seat combo...what will work.

I've been thinking about switching to the YZ tank and seat combo. Anyone know what years of the yz400, yz426 will mount up without modification to the 99 wr400? I'm pretty sure all of the yz400's 98-2000 will work, but not totally sure.

I'm fairly sure that all years from 1998-2002 should fit.

Look on the Clarke site for tanks and it should say it fits 98-02.

It makes a huge difference. I've got a Clarke 3.3 Gallon YZ tank with a One Industries YZ seat.

I just mounted up a 01 wr250 tank and seat to my 99 yz400 with no problems.

the tank for the 98 thru 02 will bolt right up. you will need the yz seat as well. get the clarke's tank and the sdg seat ( www.clarkemfg.com ) cos the tank will last longer!

and when you get the radiator shrouds, remember that the 98-99 and the 00-02 are not similar.


I just mounted up a 01 wr250 tank and seat to my 99 yz400 with no problems.

Does everyone think then that a yz250 tank and seat combo would also work on the 98-02 WR's?

Yes all of the 01-02 250 yzf/wrf plastic, tanks and seats will work with any 98-02 400 or 426. I'm living proof.

Good Luck

Joe @ Renton Motorcycle

the yz250f not the yz250 2 smoke.

the 2 smoke tank and seat wont fit

IMS seat and tank combo....only way to go.....call IMS in Riverside, CA


Thanks to all for the input. In summary, it looks like plastics, tank, and seat will work from 98-02 for all 250-426 yz or wr from what I'm reading.

The intake boot is different on the 98 and 99. Casually, it looks the same, but it attaches to the carb about 1/2 inch higher on the newer one.

I changed my YZ 250 over to the white airbox because my black one had a broken mumberplate mount. I paid 40.00 on ebay. I had to switch the intake boot to make it work on my older bike. Hopefully, either would work on your bike. I have a new intake boot that will not fit my bike if you need it. Let me know. The price will be extremely reasonable or I would trade it for a YZ 450f.


I had a 1998 WR400 and bought a 3+ gallon IMS tank with YZ type seat. I later purchased a WR426 and was able to use the same tank. Only the shrouds were a little different in the way they screwed into the radiators. I later bought a YZ tank for my 2002 WR and the tank mounts and shrouds were the same. So I am positive a YZ tank will fit a WR 1998 to 2002. By the way I'm selling my tanks YZ and IMS on ebay (item #'s 2444697460 and 2444946405) if you want to save some money. I bought a YZ 450 and now the tank mounts are different.

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