Throttle Tube with bearings

So I went down to the local dealer and picked up a new aftermarket plastic throttle tube for my '08 (old one had 1.5" cut off for some reason) Anyways I tried everything and this new tube will not return when you crank the throttle down... I put the old cut one back on and it returns like normal. Do I need to go spend $100 on a throttle tube with bearings built in?

Sounds like the end of your handle bars might damaged, enlarged, deformed some way. Prolly why the one that works is cut off. Never had throttle with bearings in it. Sounds smooth though! :rolleyes:

It's how you are installing it.

It's in front of you: take a closer look, and figure out what's binding.

I always cut the end off my tubes, so I can squirt brake cleaner or compressed air under the tube, to get it clean, and because of hand guard mounts.

It moves freely on the bar when it's not hooked up? I'm wondering if it's rubbing where the cables click in....this throttle tube was made in Argentina so I don't know if the quality is bang on. I might try some Emery cloth and sand it down where I see some rub marks?

I've had one of those throttle tubes with the bearings in them years ago. There not worth the money. They are smooth though, but to damn costly. And you can't use Bark Busters with them if that's your thing.

It might take some fiddling to get it right, but compare the two tubes as well to make sure they are 100% the same.

Last time I ran into this issue the tubes were the same but it wouldn't turn smooth. Took the throttle off the bar and it worked fine there so I started digging around and found the end of the bar tweaked, not uncommon with bark busters. Replaced bars and all better.

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