So will it or won't it?

I've read a couple threads on this before and some say yes it will and some say no it won't. I'm looking for a new slip on exhaust pipe for my yz426f my question is will the slip on exhaust pipe from a 03-05 steel framed yz450f bolt on with no problems?

Yes, it will fit. I had a fmf slip on from an 05 that I fitted on my 2000 yz426

Awesome thanks.

Pipes that are built in 3 pieces like the FMF's, header, mid pipe, and a separate silencer, have a better chance of fitting correctly than do pipes like the DRD that have the muffler welded to the mid pipe. In most cases, the misalignment that occurs is no more than annoying, but once in a while you run across a newer pipe that just won't quite work.

Ok. I'm just going to pull the trigger and hope it works out. Thanks

I fitted an fmf Q pipe and header from a 450 to a 426,had to enlarge the bolt hole in the subframe slightly.

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