2012 side plates fit earlier models?

Looking at the pics between my 08 450 and the new 2012 models the side plates and air box look the same. Anyone know if they fit?


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I don't believe any plastic transfers accept the front fender, and even that takes some modding.

Left side subframe photo looks like it comes in at a steeper angle, so I doubt that you can make them fit. They do look similar though.

They should bolt right up. I just sold my 09 WR so was able to compare to 2012. The subframe is the same for the most part and the rear fender/airbox are identical. I just put airbox grip pads from Techspec on and they were identical to my 09.

The only difference to the naked eye is the rear shape of the rear number plates.

I took a chance and bought some Polisport side covers and front fender and guess what the side covers fit perfect, no mods needed. The front fender needs to be re drilled otherwise looks great! :jawdrop:




Well I'll be damned!!! :jawdrop: Good job!!!

Well I'll be damned!!! :jawdrop: Good job!!!

?? You'll be damned ??

No reason for you to go to hell....I said they should fit in the previous post.

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