Canyon Suday

G, F, Maico, others - anyone going to race AZOTMX this Sunday at Canyon? Dan and I might take in the racing from the grandstands this weekend.

FYI, went to my surgeon yesterday, 4 more weeks in the wrist splint - bummer (10 weeks since my surgery)! He did say it's healing really well though. Started therapy on the wrist, it's tight. Only have about 1/2 inch of movement in any direction - yes I'm freaked out again but my fingers a moving much better than 3 weeks ago so I'm hoping the wrist will also with time.

Did you guys hear there will be a new promoter for SX in 2003? My bet is that there will be live music at the races, which would be pretty cool. Just hope Phoenix is still a lock for one of the races.

Sure hope you are at Canyon G. Really want to see if you live up to all the hype I have been hearing. I'm sure you will live up to the hype, since I have been bringing you along skill-wise for some time now. :)


I will be there Sunday, looking foward to seeing you and Dan. Hang in there buddy, glad to hear it's healing well!


Good to hear your up and about X. The P/T is the toughest part of recovery but work at it relentlessly, it'll pay off.

I'm done spectating but not up to race speed or condition so I'll be at Speedworld trying to get it back. The knee feels good just gotta get the confidence and stamina up.

G, good luck Sunday.

Maybe I'll try the T-Day weekend double header. Tim should be back by then to add to the competition too.

I forsee a real big turnout at Speedworld.

Hey, is Mark A. healed up yet?

See you Sunday G. F, be careful with that knee at SW, may see you there on Sat of T-day weekend.

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