450F and 250F fork tube uppers same size?

Hi Guys, Searching for this answer was too difficult.

So can anyone tell me if 2008 or later YZ250F SSS forks will fit into YZ450F (2010 or later) triple clamps?

In other words, do late model YZ250F and 450F forks have upper tubes with the same external dimensions?

Thanks in advance.

I'm not positive, but I believe the uppers are the same diameter. The 250f forks have slightly thinner thicknesses throughout making them flex more easily, which isn't always a bad thing, but should be mentioned.

Thanks. I'd probably prefer the stiffer tubes of the 450F forks.

Looking for recent model fork options to fit in YZ450F triples mounted on a 2004 YZ250.

Know I'll be wanting springs around 0.44, so better stock valving match with YZ250F forks.

But will YZ250F fit into recent model YZ450F triples?

I just put 2010 yz250f forks on a 2008 wr450. The caliper mounting bolts were closer together. Fork guards were also different from the wr fork.

However I believe that changed in 2008 for the yz. So I believe a 2008 yz fork should fit a 2010 yz.

Thanks guys. I went ahead and ordered some 2010 250F forks and 450F (22mm) triples.

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