WR426F 2001 questions..

Hello there, recently I've bought a Yamaha WR426F. At the start i had trouble starting the bike however this is now sorted as it had the correct spark plug fitted and a general service. This bike is a supermoto model with talon hubs and a straight through acrapovic exhaust. My question is: the electrics on this bike are not great to be honest, the killswitch works sometimes, so to turn the bike off it has to be stalled. And the speedo 'vortex' or something like that, lights up. However it does show the revs or the speed? I know it worked once... But after that when i started the bike it wouldnt show the speed or anything... And also does this bike come with indicators stock? Because it will need an mot next month and im not sure if its only a daylight mot... Are the electrics something i could do at home when i have spare time? And if so then can someone please explain how? Thank you very much for answering.

The rule is if its fitted its got to work, so no indicators on bike, no problem.

You do need a horn, stop and tail, working from both wheels, full size number plate and reflector.

You don't need a working speedo to get an mot. (I haven't)

Day time mot = number board up front, stop and tail, horn. If you've got a headlight but it doesn't work put tape over it, this is also acceptable, crazy but true.

Full mot = headlight with high/low beam, stop and tail, horn.

The electrics on these bikes are really as simple as they get, the wiring diagram in the manual will show you the way.

Think if you look in the stickies at the top of the page there is one you can download.

Buy the sounds of it you probably need to clean all your electric contacts.

Spark plug CR8E.

A cracking bike, enjoy, just don't dump it too often cause this is when they like to play silly buggers with you.

Thanks for so much help! :) ive riden it today 20 mile there and back. The bike is so unbelieveably powerful! Thanks again! :)

Electrics are dead easy.

I just got a basic test light and followed the wiring diagram.

Take your time and you will figure it out.

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