Wr426 hot cam help

Hi,this is my 2nd post so I hope I'm in the correct place. I have a wr426f,yz timing,jd jet kit,hindle exhaust system. I may have got a bit confused & bought the wrong cam to upgrade to auto decomp,the cam I bought is a hot cam 4022-1E yz/wr450 stage1 exhaust cam. I've opened the box & inside is a hot Cams card with on it part no 4022-1E,then at the bottom of the card is says-

These cams will not work in the YZ/WR 400/426 because of sprocket differences.

I'm sure I read somewhere on here that you time up the yz450 exhaust cams at the rear,& not on the sprocket dots(marks) as they're different. Should I have bought a stock YZ 450 03 exhaust cam & bought a specific hot cam wr426 auto decomp hot cam.

Any info would be much appreciated.

Have a look on thumperfaq

There is all the info you need

I remember reading that the tooth pitch is slightly different which will wear quicker but will work.

Hi Thommo,thanks for the quick reply. I'll have a look on there & see what I can find.

i used the stage 1 hot cam with the auto decompressing off of motosport on my bike and it worked great. you will have to adjust the jets and valves to get it just right but it works really well.

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