2001WR426 VS. 2004WR450

I have a friend who has a 2001 wr 426 now that has the following on it and want to know what will fit the 2004 450.

YZrear fender

FMF Q series pipe

Power Now

Clark 3.2gallon YZ tank and seet.

Don't think any of it will fit. They changed alot on the 450's.

I'll second that. I don't think much of anything will bolt right up.

I think the power now might fit. They use the same carb.

I have both bikes and the pipe will fit, the rear upper mount is a differt location, either alittle forward or alittle back I can't remember. The fmf pipe has a clamp type rear mount which can be moved forward or back to allow the bolt to align with the rear sub frame mount. I put my wr426 fmf power core on my 2003 wr450 with no problem. the stock pipes will not interchange due to the welded on rear mount. good luck.

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