Dual Sport Battery

I've got a plated street legal Wr426 that needs a new battery for the horn and turn signals. Right now i still have the stock regulator, which i plan to swap for a Regulator/Rectifier so i wont have to charge my battery externally like i do now. The battery I've been using is basically a regular 12v street bike battery that's jammed into the airbox, bouncing around ripping the filter up.

I'd like something much smaller that i could secure in the airbox and charge up with the new r/r. Ive read other forums suggesting 2400miAH NiMH batteries, but im not too sure what type, and im assuming i need a 12v.

If anyone can post a link to something like this that they run in their dual sport i'd appreciate it. Also any tips on rewiring when the new r/r goes in instead of the old regulator that would also be great.

I'm using the TurnTech Battery. Is super lightweight, fits my 2004 perfectly and I have blinkers and all that stuff on my street legal WR. No issues what so ever.


Looks good, how have you got it secured in the air box?

dont use a battery, use a capacitor. trailtech sells them, or look on ebay.

Secured same as stock. Use the rubber strap. fits perfect

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