Bike Weight

I finally completed installation of the HRC power up kit on my BRP. So I emptied the the fuel tank and weighed both it and my WZ 420. Both of these bikes have full BajaDesigns dual sport kits plus a lot

of light weight goodies added (Ti & Al fastners, Carbon fiber, after

market exhausts, etc.)

WZ 420 261lbs 44 to 46 HP est.

XR650R 288lbs 62 to 65 Hp est.

Both bikes were weighed ready to ride with no fuel in the tank.

Two years ago I had the WR down to 252lbs with a all ti Yoshimura exhaust (too loud), light weight tubes and tires. Today both bikes have Bridgstone super heavy duty tubes and the XR has a heavy Dunlop 739 Desert rear tire. I could get another 4 lbs off of both bikes by going with light weight tubes and tires but its not worth the loss in

flat tire prevention.




What would a prioritized cost per pound reduction list be?

Tires, tubes, bars, sprockets, muffler, header... ?

Do you still have the steel side stand? Pegs? any handguards?



Both bikes have their Steel kickstands and both bikes run Acherbis Rally handgards with integral front turn signals.

I feel the best weight reduction item is a complete exhaust system its usually lighter (the weight savings is high on the bike) and the performance will normally be equal to or better than stock. Next is ditch the stock steel bars in favor of Pro tapers or Renthal "FAT" bars, run lighter intermediate to sand tires like Dunlop 755's or 756's or Michelin S-12's, regear with smaller lighter sprockets and a shorter chain, after that you get into the expensive stuff Ti, Al fastners-subframes-axels, pivot bolts, linkage bolts-etc. and CF goodies-engine mounts, side cases, side panels, air boxes, guards and protectors.

On the Big XR I'm running a ProCircuit T4 system - all thin walled stainless steel, perfect fit, improved performance, saved 6lbs over stock, is a little loud but not totally obnixious. On the WZ420 my exhaust priority was noise reduction without a huge loss in power so it has the Stroker SX-1 and a FMF PowerBomb--its quieter than the other aftermarket combos I'v tried and pulls ok for me in my dual sport and trail riding activites.



It seems to me, with all the new high tech products available today, you guys could get the weight down a bit. I know the need for heavy tires and such,but 261 pounds is a lot of weight.

Back in 1979, I had a 247 pound TT 500 with 51.5 hp. That was 21 years ago.

Where did everybody go???????

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