New rear tire

I need help picking a new tire. Here in N. TX, I ride on all types of soil; hard pack, sand, loam, clay, you name it. I need suggestions for the best all around tire for the money. (Front also). Thanx.

I run the Dunlop 755(Front) and the 756(Rear) and love them. Great traction all around. The thing that I love about them the most is the fact they climb ruts very well.

The Dunlop 756 front and rear is a great tire. I've had great luck with it in sand, mud, loam & riding in the hard rocky terrain of Colorado, It's very durable. The only time I haven't liked the 756 is turning on hardpack.

I've ridden TCCRA events in N. Tex, Muenster & Rocky Ridge with this tire.

Hope this helps.


120/90 19 Dunlop 756 A little wider, Great in the sandy stuff.

I probably ride the same places as you since I live in N. Texas and I can't bad mouth the 756's because they are excellent tires but my .02... My wife's ex husband works for parts unlimited corp. and has been a tire tester for motorcycle tires for years and he recommends the pirelli series MT32 rear and MT44 front. I'm going to need tires soon and figured I would give them a shot. This is what a tire expert recommends or maybe he just want's to get me hurt since i beat him in golf every chance I get...

Dunlop 756 rear, Don't really know about the front (I'm in Florida, so I'm not really a hard pack guy).

I like the 755 front for all tracks (soft/hard, etc) But the rear I swap out for diff. track conditions! I run the 756 rear on soft/prepped tracks and a Brigestone M78 on intermediate and hardpack! I put my 755 front tire on 10 months ago and it just now needs front tire IMO! Later,


How do they (7560 stack up to Dunlop 739? :)

Hey socal,

Putting on 756's front and back was the best improvement I made to my 426! I thought the 739's were junk. I even talked to a Dunlop rep at the Anaheim SX in 2000 and he said you have to run the 739's low on pressure. (11psi as I recall) I tried it and they still sucked! I'm gled to be rid of them. The 756's last longer too. My last rear tire I wore down to about 1/4 inch and it was still grabbing on my local mx track! The 739 danced and skated worse when it was new.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Glen,

That pretty much confirms what I suspected of the 739.I rode my new 02WR426 for the first Time this week and it was sorta like riding on ice, I was already running 13lb front 14lb rear, and was going to try 11lb front and 12lb rear hopeing for ( Iv'e never run so low before) improvement. your sugestion in tires will be my next purchase.!

Hey Socal,

Not to change the subject, but see that you live in Fillmore. Anyword on getting Lemon Grove running again? I heard they were going to re-open at the end of summer, but that obviously did not happen.


I keep hearing it's on, it's off, it's just keep's on going like that. if you can get me a number or better yet an address hell I'll go knock on their door..Send reply via p.m


If you're looking for a good all around tire, you might want to try the Michelin Starcross MH2. I'm using them on my KTM 520 with great results. They handle all terrain, and wear like iron. I've got 3 desert rides and over 10 MX practice sessions on one set.

I ride mostly Hare Scrambles and trails in N. Michigan, and have been real happy with 756 in

front, but not in back. They rip when they're

new but fall of fast for me. A moderately worn

rear 756 can not hold a line on a flat or off camber turn compared to my new best friend, S12.


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