Roof of Africa Race

Going to watch the race this weekend.

1000km's in the mountain kingdom of Lesotho.

It will be interesting to see how Shane Watts shapes against the local boys.

Here are some pics of us watching last years race. roof_5.JPG

Did the race in 1997 and 1999.

My race time for the 1000kms was 24hrs over 2 days.

This is one tough mother #@%ker. roof_40.JPG

Last year our group rode 500km through Lesotho to get to the race start in Maseru. This year we are towing our bikes up. roof_17.JPG

Another pic from last year's race course.

I will post new ones after the weekend. roof_7.JPG

Hey CraigW,

Nice to see a fellow Safrican on here... :jawdrop:going to watch the i am jealous :D :D :)

My money is on Gray Dick to take it....what with us both being Springs boys and Shimwells supporters.....

Catch ya l8er.



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