06 yz450f with excessive swing arm play

sorry if i posted this in the wrong area, im still new to this.

im looking for some answers as to why my swing arm has twice as much play as all of my buddies bikes (including bikes of the same year, make and model as mine). at first i thought it was an issue with the bearings, so i replaced and greased them all because i felt like i was due anyways but it ended up being the same. i was really hoping to pick out the real problem so i dont have to go and buy every part and half of them for no reason. i have taken my digital calipers and spec'd it all out (see the pic below) i just dont know what numbers are good and what numbers dont jive. if anyone has any answers or ideas i would love to hear them. of if someone has a good linkage that has no play i would love to see what numbers you come up with when measuring your parts.

thanks a bunch


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Is the play you're talking about side to side or up and down?

Check the swingarm and shock bearings/bushings too.

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Definitely check the shock bearings and the linkage.

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