stock yz450f two peice front brake rotor...

so what is the deal with this thing? i was riding yesterday and felt alot of wiggle in my front wheel when i was doing the whole hold the front brake and thrust back thing to back up. i got off and thought my bearings where shot, but it turns out my brake rotor is about to fall off... it has an extreme amount of wiggle where the outer ring connects to the inner ring... there is nothing here to tighten up just the little peice of metal that holds it together is all that is there. is this a common problem on these bikes or is there something wrong with my bike causing it to do this?

so nobody thinks there is any other reason other than insane heat? i havent hit it on any rocks either... not unless it knocked me unconcious and i dont remember lol

Nothing wrong. Totally normal. Google floating rotor.

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